Emma Clarke

United Kingdom

Initially, Alice got to know Bertie in a professional and friendly manner. He was then assessed being walked and trotted up on the straight and on a circle. Alice then moved on to use different massage techniques and stretches on all areas of the horse. At the end of his sessions, Bertie seemed very relaxed. Alice identified areas of tightness and tension within Bertie, which related to problems I found when riding him. At the end of the course of treatment Bertie was definitely a lot “looser” and more flexible than he was previously. Alice showed me some stretches that I could do with Bertie myself to maintain this.




Gina Suddaby

United Kingdom

Thank you very much for treating Monaco and Hugo. They feel so much more supple and seem a lot happier in themselves. I now really see how  important and effective sports massage is and would be really grateful if you could come and visit them when they are due for another massage.




Leslie Nyman

Ontario, Canada

I was on the fence when it came to equine massage. But now I am a believer.  

It is amazing how beneficial it is to all horses of every discipline.



Ruth Crawford

FEI Dressage Rider and Trainer

Ontario, Canada

As an FEI Dressage rider and trainer, I know how important it is that your horses are happy healthy and pain free. Alice has worked on multiple horses in my barn including my own advanced level gelding. As the rider of these horses, I was impressed how Alice was able to pin point training issues, tightness, strengths and weaknesses from merely working on them in the cross ties, never having seen them work under saddle. Each session is incredibly valuable not only to the horses comfort and performance but to myself so I can continue their training in the best possible way for their over all well being.



Lise Nolet

Nolet Paint Horses

The Equine Massage & Stretching Clinic with Alice Zammit-Maempel was very informative. Pointed out so many things that could cause our horses discomfort without even realizing it. 

Pointed out a few saddle issues with different horses and assisted in rectifying the problem. Learned how to help our horses relax and get some relief from gentle massaging. Cricket was the best, she went from dancing around on the cross ties to falling totally asleep on them, is was great to see the transition. Can't wait for Level 1!