Terms & Conditions

Animals with infectious or contagious conditions, or displaying other contraindications will not be treated.


Owners are required to notify the therapist if during a course of treatments the animal’s injury or condition changes or worsens, or if the veterinary surgeon advises that treatment is stopped.


The therapist reserves the right to refuse treatment of any animal.


Owners are required to provide adequate restraint equipment and to be present as requested.


Whilst every care is taken of the animal undergoing treatment, it is done so entirely at their owner’s risk.


The therapist reserves the right to use video footage or photographic stills during treatment.


All personal information will be held securely and for our own use and not passed on to third parties.


The therapist will hold adequate public liability and malpractice insurance before any treatment is commenced.


If at any time the therapist feels the horse should be referred back to the attention of its vet or assessed by another professional this will be advised.