The Therapeutic Application of Professional Sports Massage Techniques Applied to the Horse

Equine Sports Massage

What is Equine Sports Massage?

Equine Sports Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues using the hands. It uses a variety of massage techniques, along with passive and active stretches to detect areas of pain and tension and provide relief before further deterioration occurs. 


Serving the Niagara region in:
  • Equine Diagnostic Assessments

  • Maintenance Massage

  • Remedial/Rehabilitation

  • Pre and Post event massage

  • Schooling related problems

  • Remedial Stretching



What does Equine Sports Massage do?

It can extend the athletic life of the horse and its good health. Equine massage can:

  • Improve range of movement by increasing flexibility and suppleness

  • Relax muscle spasms and relieves muscular  tension

  • Enhance muscle tone and increase muscle  elasticity

  • Lengthen connective tissue which helps to  prevent the formation of adhesions

  • Improve circulation which promotes more  rapid healing of injuries

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage which hastens the elimination of waste products

  • Improve balance and co-ordination

  • Decrease risk of injury 




When is Sports Massage Useful?

Sports Massage Therapy and Shiatsu can be beneficial to the horse if it is showing: 

  • Uneven musculature

  • Decrease in performance

  • Uneven shoe wear or poor foot balance

  • Stiffness or one-sidedness

  • Lack of impulsion, disunited gaits

  • Back pain, sensitive poll

  • Resistance to being groomed, tacked up or ridden




Equine Sports Massage Therapy is not a replacement for appropriate veterinary, farriery and dental attention